Home for a very sweet cat needed

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Home for a very sweet cat needed

Post by astondb5 »

About three weeks ago, a young female cat arrived in our garden. We fed her and basically, she stayed. We already have a cat, a very lovely old black cat who hasn't taken to our new friend. So, if you would like to adopt a young cat, please let me know. She is very friendly and I know would appreciate a new
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Post by tia »

I would recommend getting in touch with a cat association in your area. Adult cats are very hard to place , your old cat may well accept her in the end. It takes time for adult cats to get along, as long as they are not fighting then it means they are ok. Often 1 will back down in the end and accept that the other is boss. The hissing etc is nothing major .
As it is a female the main problem you are going to have is that it is kitten season and if she is not sterlised she will soon be reproducing. An association can normally help .
Good luck
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Post by martyn94 »

If you live in any sort of urban setting (you don’t give your location, which is a mistake if you are trying to shift a cat) I wouldn’t worry too much that she is your responsibility.

Before I moved here, I had lived, off and on, in a very remote house in rural Normandy, where the previous owner had adopted three very feral cats (or briefly seven : tia is spot on in what she says about kittens). It was evidently my duty to look after them, and I duly did so, with much pleasure and some inconvenience, for 17 years in the end (after catching them and getting them “doctoredâ€￾ and tattooed and vaccinated:I carried the claw-wounds for weeks).

When I did move here, I found that my garden was pullulating with cats (it’s one of the few round here with some outside space to have some kip or a cr*p, or a bit of nooky), and I thought “here we go againâ€￾.

Not a bit of it, as it turned out. One or two of them have owners, and the rest are fed, copiously, by what seems to be dozens of my kind neighbours. I have the pleasure of a floating population of pretty cats, and no trouble at all - apart from sh*t in the flower beds and chasing them off the garden chairs every few days. After a few years, you notice if one or other is looking poorly - “le blondâ€￾ was looking a bit peeky the other day, but soon perked up. But what I mostly notice is that they seem to be happy and healthy without any fuss from me.

Put shortly, it’s not your duty to feed her or find her a home. Who are we to know whether she particularly wants one? It is your duty to get her neutered and vaccinated and turned loose. As tia says, there are bénévolés pretty much everywhere who help with this. Just ask at the mairie. And buy a huge sack of cat nosh next time they do a collection at your local supermarket.
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