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Buyer's Agents

Posted: Mon 24 Apr 2023 09:37
by RichardsonR
Hi All,
I will be buying in Prades later this year. I've visited several times and have a pretty good idea of the area. I've been using SeLoger, Superimmo and Bien Ici as well as a number of local immobilier websites and have a good idea of the market.
The thing is, you can't rely on websites and visiting a property is a must, however, I don't particularly want to travel to the region to find the properties aren't as described on the websites. I would rather visit in the knowledge that I am viewing several properties that meet my criteria. So my question is: has anyone any experience of using a Buyer's Agent? I would only need the agent to check out properties to confirm they meet my requirements and maybe to advise on potential offer price.
I've read conflicting reports of their usefulness but would prefer to hear from someone who's in the know if possible.