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Welcome, registration, the purpose of the forum and a few rules

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Forum rules

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The rules of the forum are simple

1. Keep it free from prejudice - don’t post anything that is offensive to anyone by insulting their race, sex, or religion.

2. Keep it friendly - don’t post anything that is threatening, vindictive, abusive or offensive to individuals or groups of people and don't make personal remarks against any other member of the forum.

3. Keep it inclusive - don't make adverse comments about another member's spelling, grammar, style etc

3. Keep it legal - don’t post anything libellous.

4. Keep it above board - don’t post anything that promotes any illegal
or immoral activity.

Private messages are subject to the same rules. In the event of any complaints about misuse of private messages, we may monitor an individual's messages

Any user who doesn’t keep to these simple family rules and posts something objectionable will get one warning. If the user doesn’t pay attention to the warning and again posts an objectionable message, he/she will be barred from the forum.