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    We are very happy with Phil’s work transforming inaccessible ceiling lighting to accessible wall lighting in our circular stairwell. The job involved making good and repainting one wall. The work was beautifully carried out and we were very impressed with the care taken to block off the work area to keep the rest of the house free of dust, and the impeccable condition of the stairway on completion of the job. Lastly, but not least, it was a pleasure to have Phil and his helper Benjamin in the house, working quietly and efficiently.

  2. 5.0

    Phil came on recommendation and was prompt, efficient and helpful from giving an estimate until completion of fitting new vmc. Even made an extra visit to check the earth connection to the house was correct. Would definitely use again.

  3. 5.0

    We are in the final stages of renovating an old mas and just reached an exciting stage as we have now got the power back on. All credit to Phil. We have never attempted anything quite like this and without him we I think we would have been pretty lost.

    Phil drove up to view the property a couple of times before any building work started to talk about options and see what we were hoping to do. And also to raise questions about things we hadn’t even considered. We are not completely naive but it was good to have a sounding board to ask ‘but have you thought about that..?’ What was a real help was discussing what work we could do ourselves to make his job easier and save on costs. It is complicated sprawling old mas so the planning was crucial.

    Once things got underway Phil fitted in around the builder’s ever-changing schedule and tweaked his plans as necessary as the project evolved. We found him very reliable, trustworthy, proactive and a pleasure to have around the place during the chaos (something you don’t find with all artisans, as we have discovered…)

    To sum up, he knows his stuff and worked hard with us to make things work

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    We have had a house in Laroque for 18 years and contacted Phil to come and look at the house that had some electrical challenges. He made detailed recommendations that have know been completed and we have in fact, invited him back to do some more work for us, as we were so pleased with his ‘can do’ attitude and helpfulness. We asked him back on one occasion at short notice to an unrelated problem and he was willing to travel to us during a holiday period to help us out – outstanding service!! Would recommend Phil in a heart beat to anyone.

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    A little while ago we had a serious electrical problem involving a melting fuse box and loss of power. We managed to contact a local electrician who came within a couple of hours and fixed the problem. We expressed our concern at the state of the fuse box and they took details and photos and would give us a quotation to replace. Despite reminders nothing more was heard from them and for reasons of safety we wanted the work done so we looked in P_O life and saw Phil’s reviews so made contact . He came when he said he would took details supplied an estimate which we accepted and a date arranged for he work. He gave us full details and things that did not comply and he could not correct as it was not electrical problems and completed the works explaining fully what he had done and what needed to be done. No tea or lunch break just very clean and tidy work. So refreshing and unusual from our experience. We were so impressed we recommended him to some friends in the village who wanted work done and experienced similar problems in obtaining quotes etc and I believe his is going to do their job.

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    On the recommendations of others, we asked Phil Gibbs do various different electrical works for us. He was responsive to our initial enquiry, and always arrived here at the time he planned. He was fast, diligent, and thorough in his work. He also looked out-of-the-box and did some research for one particular job we needed doing. He was happy to discuss and explain options and solutions, in addition to taking input from us. He always cleared up when finished for the day. We are very pleased with his work, and would recommend him to others.

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    I cannot praise Phil highly enough.

    Not only did he accept the daunting challenge of a total rewiring of our old village hovel – without a plan – he delivered everything, and more, on time, on budget, and to the highest specification.

    His patience, and appreciation of our idiosyncratic demands, is far beyond that which might be expected from anyone in “the trades”.

    He is an absolute gemstone amidst a pile of rubble and rejects.

    Thank you for everything Phil; it really is appreciated.

  8. 5.0

    Phil totally rewired our house when we completey remodelled it. He work is first rate and is 100% reliable and is flexible so fits in with the other builders and plumbers to ensure the work goes as smoothly as possible. Fully recommend.

  9. 5.0

    Having experienced problems with our WiFi connection in January when we changed from Teleconnect to ORANGE, it was suggested, by ORANGE that we should get our system checked by an electrician! We found Phil Gibbs on P-O Life and the recommendations he had received were so positive we contacted him straight away.
    He explained everything as he went along, and we have no hesitation in recommending him – a pleasure to have met him!!!!

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    Phil along with his son did an inspection of the electrical system for our entire MAS. They also installed a new grounding system. They were friendly and extremely professional. I plan to continue to hire them for additional work.

  11. 5.0

    Phil & son have sorted out my electrical problems on two occasions. On the first occasion they identified and rectified a fault overlooked by other electricians at not extra cost. On the second occasion they undertook to make safe my lighting system prior to the sale of my property at no cost whatsoever. They are polite, reliable, efficient and highly professional and I have no hesitation in recommending them to any clients both French or expats as they are fluent in the French language and in Mancunian English.

  12. 5.0

    I can highly recommend Phil Gibbs to anyone needing a competent electrician in Céret and the surrounding area.

    I’d heard a lot about Phil on the local tom-toms including from other artisans and because it was all so good I recently recommended him to some Dutch friends of ours with a second home near Céret. He did a great job and they were very happy. However, it was only in the last few weeks that I had cause to use him myself, and now I have I suppose it’s no surprise that I can confirm that what everybody else says is right.

    Phil combines his perfectionism with pragmatism and so manages to do a very tidy job to a high standard without wasting time unnecessarily. Not that I’m an expert but Phil seems to be well aware of all the relevant legislation both here and in the UK and so can bring best practise to bear. You can see as he works that he just likes it to be right, and when it comes to electricity I agree. He is communicative and reliable and he turns up when he says he will. A bonus for those who struggle with French is that he is a native English speaker who is bilingual.

  13. 5.0

    Excellent service, polite and friendly, I do not hesitate to recommend Philip Gibbs.
    He analyzed the problem quickly, resolved it quickly and even gave us a summary of the state of our electrical installation.

  14. 5.0

    You have to applaud someone that can fit a 70M cable to an outbuilding, passing through 3 rooms, a garage, along a wall, across a gate, a line of Cypress trees, a massive wasp’s nest and through a trench in the ground. At the same time conforming to French standards and leaving no visible sign of the cable inside the house.

    In addition, Phil fitted several consumer units, a new circuit to our garage with multiple outlets and split our circuits so that critical appliances such as our fridge/freezers are protected should any faults develop elsewhere.

    During the entire process Phil resolutely adhered to French standards and
    was adamant that electrical safety was the overwhelming consideration.

    Throughout quite extensive work, Phil produced estimates that he honoured and painstakingly explained everything to me.

    I must also mention Milo who ably assisted Phil as a team they worked superbly.

    I unreservedly recommend them.

  15. 5.0

    Phil and Milo did an excellent job fathoming out our incomprehensible electrics, and did far more than we’d asked them to do. They checked a fuse box which had been water- damaged during Covid absence, made safety recommendations but then, in addition, worked out what each anonymous fuse was controlling. Friendly and thoroughly helpful -highly recommended!

  16. 5.0

    Phil and Milo are a rare find – skilled, personable and utterly reliable. Based on the two projects that they have completed for me I have no hesitation in recommending them for all electrical work.

  17. 5.0

    Friendly, knowledgeable and efficient.
    We would recommend without hesitation.
    Great work at a good price

  18. 5.0

    Phil and Milo did an excellent job in our construction project. Not only did they deliver high quality work, also they provided good ideas and opened their network for us. It has been a pleasure working with them!

  19. 5.0

    Excellent electrician. Phil and Milo did an excellent job replacing a faulty cable to our garage, pointing out what parts needed updating to conform to the latest normes and doing the work efficiently and keeping everything tidy as they went. Phil explained everything very clearly, gave a detailed quote, turned up when he said he would and delivered the end result on time – what more could one ask!
    We highly recommend him and Milo for your electrical work.

  20. 5.0

    We found Phil very professional and helpful with our recent electrical work . He and his son Milo make a good working team and left everything clean and tidy. We would highly recommend them.

  21. 5.0

    Phil replied very quickly to our request. He showed much patience in solving the problem and carried out the work with speed. Extremely satisfied. and would recommend him.
    F.S. Ceret

  22. 5.0

    Phil has just finished work on my house in Ceret – some rewiring, new sockets and new lighting. He provided a devis in advance with a full breakdown of the costs.

    As a new owner, I felt I was in safe hands, appreciating the fact that Phil picked up on several things which didn’t comply to safety standards. These were rectified.

    Phil and Milo arrived when they said they would, barely stopped for a break, and always cleaned up at the end of their working day.

    I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for electrical work to be done.

  23. 5.0

    Philip Gibbs has just completed a large electrical job for me. Throughout he was clean, punctual and very professional. He is conversant in both French and English, which was a great help in liaising with three French artisans, who were involved in completing other works.
    I highly recommend him. He won’t disappoint.
    Keith Newbery

  24. 5.0

    What a great team these guys are . I wish I had called months ago to get my jobs compltetd , I didn’t as I had been let down so may times by others and really didn’t want that experience again — Not with Philip and Milo –
    Arrived on time , walked round to understand the job and cracked straight on with it , they are brilliant . Even took the time to clean the areas that had been working as they moved through the job list – Thanks Guys – your work is tip top , can’t thank you enough – Paul

  25. 5.0

    Phil is great – 100% reliable, efficient and trustworthy. Knows what he’s doing AND the safety regulations involved! Which is more than I can say for a good number of tradesmen in this departement. He’s done minor bits and pieces for us, and a full rewire – would recommend him 100%. Totally professional and at a good price. Don’t know if there’s cheaper than him out there – but you gets what you pays for. I tried another electrician (more fool me!) – Phil is currently correcting the mistakes. If Phil does your electrics you KNOW they will work correctly and safely first time.

  26. 5.0

    I’m french and Phil went at home on friend recommendation.He is very serious. He went on time for device and good advice. Then sent me a device very professional + insurance. I had to install a Jacuzzi with a lot of standards. He had to reniew an old electricity installation (triphase). Device prices have been respected and very acceptables comparing to other companies I asked.He planed days to work and honored these days which is not frequent for artisan !! All was protected and when leaving, all was cleaned by himself. I highly recommend Phil.

  27. 5.0

    Phil Gibbs has just finished removing 12 old spotlights in my kitchen and replacing them with eight modern ones ;having given it some thought he then drilled new holes in a pattern that looked much better than the original ones; I am delighted with his work. he also repaired my garage electrics.
    He works hard and fast and arrives when he says he will and leaves the place clean and tidy when he leaves.
    I strongly recommend Phil as the best electrician in town;

  28. 5.0

    One night recently, we lost power to our refrigerator, and several other appliances and light fixtures when a fuse blew, and after flipping all the fuses belonging to that interrupter, there was still one which we could not reset. Since everything that we could see seemed to be up and running just fine again, we decided that that fuse wasn’t so important and didn’t think anything more about it for the moment. It was a day later, when we suddenly discovered that we had very little hot water that we realized that that uncooperative fuse belonged to our hot water heater.
    Having heard nothing but positive reviews about Phil Gibbs’ work from friends who had used him on their major home renovation projects, we took a chance and called him to see if he could help us with, what we were afraid, would be too small of a job for him to want to bother with. We were very pleasantly surprised when Phil immediately agreed to try to fit in a visit to our apartment that day, in between his other meetings with clients. He showed up a few hours later, determined where he thought the problem lay, and advised that we needed to get in a plumber. Since we didn’t know any plumbers, Phil stayed to call around for us until he found one who promised he could be there in an hour. His charge for all this was remarkably reasonable.
    You would be hard pressed to find a more pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable electrician and we would wholeheartedly recommend Phil.

  29. 5.0

    Phil did an excellent job on a complex project joining two ancient stone village houses into one fully functioning and updated electrical system. He installed new wiring in one house, updating the existing electrical panel, connected the new wiring to the updated electrical panel, installed an earth that was lacking, corrected dangerous and improper wiring done during previous renovation. We are now ready to safely enter the 21st Century. Phil is a pleasure to work with. He shows up when he says and works hard. He explains your options and his prices are fair. He is insured. You get what you pay for. I highly recommend Phil.

  30. 5.0

    Like many of us embarking on renovations, it is all too easy to opt for the cash in hand option rather than the devis. In my ignorance, I did exactly this. My elec system installed via my builder was so dangerous there isn’t enough space here to detail it. For the record, the person who did my electrics is Dutch and still works from Ceret.

    Phil Gibbs was recommended to me after I had a critical failure in my home. Phil did a ‘due diligence’ to see how my elecs were set up. To summarise, my home’s electrics hadn’t been earthed and in some instances, the earth was used as the negative feed! There was no lightning protection installed and the main Earth was not sized correctly.

    Phil came in and went through my apology for an elec system. He explained what was wrong; why it was wrong and the remedial work required. Phil documented everything he did and was transparent in every respect. Phil has his City and Guilds plus many years hands on experience which supports customer reliability and trade competency.

    All I can say is this: if you value your home and family, and you wish to upgrade yr elec, please choose someone who knows what they’re doing. Phil Gibbs is an asset.


  31. 5.0

    Highly recommend Phil. Extremely professional and very trustworthy. Fully insured. The quality of his work is excellent, a very high standard. He arrives on time, rarely takes a break, gets on with the job, and cleans up thoroughly at the end of each day. Nothing was too much trouble for him, he offered great advice without being pushy. On top of that he’s a really nice guy. I can’t speak highly enough of him. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others. Great to find a genuine tradesman who takes a pride in his work.

  32. 5.0

    Phil has just finished a complete rewire of our old stone house, which was obviously a difficult and messy operation. During the consultation and planning of sockets, light fittings etc prior to the start of work (with us changing our mind all the time) he was patient and nothing was too much trouble or too difficult. We were happy to leave the house under his supervision for the 12 days that the job took to complete and on our return it was clean and tidy. Would thoroughly recommend Phil and would employ him again.

  33. 5.0

    Phil did some electrical work for us when we were replacing our kitchen. We were very happy with the standard of his work and the fact that the work was done to the correct timescale. Also that our house was left so clean and tidy at the end of each working day. We also appreciated his recommendation of a kitchen fitter and the fact they worked so well together. Happy to recommend this service.

  34. 5.0

    Phil has just completed the electrics on our 2nd renovation and we are very happy with his work. Not only is he a great electrician, he is very approachable and patient. Believe me when doing a renovation in France the stress levels are high and with a woman (me) changing her mind on sockets and wall lights on a fairly regular basis his patience was amazing. I have a lot of vintage (1930s) light fittings and he is not only adept at putting them up he has a very good eye and can advise on what will look best where. He manages our (the client’s) expectations and is a delight to have around. We have no reservations about recommending him.
    One other thing. I should mention that, oh joy, he always turns up when he says he will!!!

  35. 5.0

    Phil has undertaken extensive work on our property since we arrived in France, and has been incredibly helpful with his advice and time. He is diligent and the quality of his work is next to none. He has always found solutions and provided options to resolve difficult problems with our electrics and other related problems, and has responded quickly to any issues or questions we have had. Phil is totally reliable and trustworthy, he delivers high quality at a very fair price and is fully insured for all the work undertaken. I cannot recommend him enough, he has been generous with his time and advice regarding the many issues with our renovations, which has been invaluable especially for people new to the region, it’s regulations and culture. We will continue to Phil when needed.
    Thanks mate

  36. 5.0

    I was highly delighted my Phil’s work. He was very reliable and completed the work in my apartment to an excellent standard. I would be pleased to recommend him and will certainly use Phil again .

  37. 5.0

    Phil has been working on a complete rewire in our old stone village house – a messy, difficult job. His advice and help has been exceptional and he has gone out of his way to help us with all aspects of the renovation project. Very reliable and clean – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his work to others.

  38. 5.0

    I highly recommend Phil’s work. He’s carried out a lot of electrical work for us over the past two years, including a full house and apartment rewiring. He did all the electrics for our sous sol renovation. He’s reliable, conscientious, skilled and also a great guy!

  39. 5.0

    A hard working electrician who is fully conversant with French regulations. Phil offers a flexible approach to ensure that work can be completed at a reasonable cost to meet the requirements of his customers and those of the regulatory services.

    Highly recommended.

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