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  1. 5.0

    We first found Karen (thanks to Mr Google) when our anxiety grew about the state our house and garden would be getting into during the long Covid absence. We were right to be anxious but what a great job she did in cleaning the house and taming the garden and in reassuring us with photos! It was a memorable moment to arrive after a gap of nearly two years to a spotless house and a trim and tidy garden. So memorable that after a couple of subsequent visits of doing it ourselves we decided the way forward was with Karen and today we are relaxing at the start of a short break in Baho without having so much as touched a mop or duster. It’s all been said already – a thoroughly professional and high standard of reliable, good communication, and a cheerfully friendly disposition. Highly recommended.

  2. 5.0

    Karen is helping my family to look after our holiday home in the P.O. She has executed her work with the highest proffesional standards. She is consiencous, punctual, polite, skillfull and a lovely person to be around. Karen has an eye for detail. She adapts all she does to the client’s needs and wishes, and we feel very grateful for the help she provides. So far, Karen has helped us with general upkeeping while we have been in France on holiday, but also “winter checks” and upkeeping while we are away and out of the country. I give her my very best of recommendations.

  3. 5.0

    Karen is quite simply tremendous! She has been keeping my house in order for about a year now, and it is a highlight when I come home from work to find everything spotless, beautifully arranged (even the dogs) , and often she has even done stuff that I hadn’t noticed needed doing.
    But, in addition to her amazing professional capacity, she is a delightful person , always cheerful and ready for any new challenge, I trust her totally and for the first time don’t feel the need to rush around to clean up before help arrives!

    Her attention to detail is excellent, making sure that everything runs smoothly – and her advance planning helps me enormously.

    I notice that all the reviews say the same, but it is true – I, too, cannot praise her highly enough!

  4. 5.0

    Karen has been completely reliable and what’s more is a lovely person. In our case it’s just a small matter of visiting the property three or four times a year but it is so very reassuring, and so helpful to have Karen’s photos. If there’s a problem Karen is happy to do a bit extra and sort it out so that we’ve always arrived to a house ready for us to move back into. The house is pretty remote, tricky to get to, with a fair bit of security, but Karen has always been superb, whether it’s letting EDF in to change a meter or checking the heating and hot water system before we arrive.
    Karen’s communication skills are spot on, and you need never worry about hearing back from her with a quick response.
    We’re really thrilled with the service Karen provides.

  5. 5.0

    Karen has been instrumental in opening our family holiday home this year. We had not visited the property since pre covid. When we arrived at the property the water pump, supplying water to the house had broken. Karen helped arrange the fitting of a new water pump with a local company and updated us via WhatsApp when we were back in the UK. Karen also arranged a deep clean of the property, opening of the pool with another local contractor and cleaning between guests plus much more. We are looking forward to using Karen next year and into the future.

  6. 5.0

    We were very pleased to be told about Karen Fielding’s conciergerie service by recommendation from a friend. It has been a great relief during periods of time when we have not been able to visit our house to know that she is prepared to drop in and check out a whole variety of potential problems in the house , garden and land. She manages to deal with security, plumbing, water sources, wild life and the effects of weather with calm effectiveness. And most importantly Karen is a great communicator and sends detailed updates with photos.
    It is a joy to arrive at the house after a long journey to find it cleaned from top to bottom , with hot water and heating all switched on.
    We highly recommend the service she provides.

  7. 5.0

    We can’t recommend Karen highly enough! My husband and I live in the U.S. and own a very old mas near Amelie-les-bains, which we visit for several months every year. After having been stuck in the U.S. for two years leaving the house vacant (and no one looking after it, the previous caretaker having moved to Spain), we were really concerned about what horrors awaited us when we returned.

    I discovered Karen’s company through an internet search and she immediately responded to my inquiry. After that first conversation our concerns about returning to an old abandoned house were completely alleviated (although at first it did seem a little too good to be true; it was not.) It was clear she knew exactly what needed to be done and how to accomplish that.

    Our house was sparkling and spotless when we finally walked in the door. Of course we already knew that, because Karen had sent me photos during the process, asking questions, making suggestions, providing much-needed reassurance. It was actually such a good experience that we arranged for her to return after a couple of months for another heavy cleaning job following a roof replacement. We then decided to do some exterior landscaping and Karen was able to clean up years of weeds and basic neglect to prepare the space for eventual planting.

    It’s been a joy as well as a huge relief to discover Karen’s service. Beyond the actual high quality of work, she’s been very professional, communicative and reliable (as well as friendly!), qualities we especially value when we’re far away for long periods. Some of the larger tasks required her to bring helpers, which she arranged for as needed, vetted and supervised. If we’re able to have guests visit the house during our absence, we’ll definitely rely on Karen to manage the the process. We feel very lucky to have her on our team and wonder how we’ve managed so long without her!

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