The Theatre by the Lake

Have you been to the Théâtre De L’Etang in Saint Estève? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on some great entertainment at prices that make regular theatre-going easy.

Théatre de L'étang

Named after the lake on which it stands, this purpose-built theatre has plenty of parking space, access for the disabled, and offers high quality music, dance, theatre, comedy and culture – from just 5€ per person!

Saturday 25th 8.30pm



In 18th century Lima, a street performer, La Périchole, and her lover live a miserable existence. Noticed by the Vice-Roy one day, La Périchole is swept away to court, forced to leave her lover behind. In a twist of fate, her lover is chosen by the court to make an honourable woman of La Périchole but, blind drunk, he has no real grasp of the situation… until it’s too late!

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 Opera La Périchole, Théâtre de l'Etang


Here are just some of the highlights for winter and spring to come – but don’t forget to visit their website at for a full and varied programme.


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