Amélie les Bains Palalda Montalba – Ville de Culture

For 2021, Amélie les Bains Palalda Montalba is putting heart and soul into culture in all its forms – Covid permitting, of course!

Keep an eye out for a rich and eclectic programme of major exhibitions, fairs, classical and variety concerts, recitals, lectures and hands-on workshops…

How about a guided tour of Amélie and the surrounding countryside, a wander through the rich culture, art, history and heritage of the border town?

amélie les bains

Brand new

2021 also marks the inauguration of a new multi-faceted cultural area in the heart of medieval Palalda where you can meet artisans and artists, discuss their works, find out more about how the town has served as inspiration.

All creatures great and small

For all you animal lovers, Amélie has two animal refuges caring for furry friends from guinea pigs to horses. If you’re looking for a pet, have a chat with Association Free-Don Spirit and the APAA, who might have your perfect match.

Amélie’s equestrian centre has both dressage and show jumping arenas and you can take lessons or enjoy or more leisurely trek on one of their horses or ponies. To get there, take the road past Palalda.


Moving to France? Amélie makes it easy!

Worried about moving to France and being faced with the infamous French bureaucracy ? 

Amélie-les-Bains is working to make a move to this beautiful town easier than you may think. 

Contact the Mairie (04 68 39 00 24) for details on drop-in sessions at the town hall for English speakers, helping you through the intricacies of French administration. 

Run by Ian, who relocated to Amélie from Bristol three years ago, and has been through it all himself (buying a house, applying for a residency permit, re-registering the car, entering the health system, launching self-employment, etc. etc. etc.), you are very welcome to drop by (even if you’ve already been here a very long time !) 

Find out too about schools and creches, the different sporting and cultural groups you can join, work, leisure, internet connection – you name it, Ian knows it….and if he doesn’t, you  can be sure that he knows a man who can! 

As featured in POL N°69 (spring 2021)

Amelie feature

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