Thursday 17th April 2014

Argelès Gospel Singers

Theatre de l’Etang, Saint Estève

 Argelès Gospel Singers

The latest SPOT (Spectacle Populaire Ouvert à Tous) at the Théâtre de l’Étang in St Estève is a performance by the Argelès Gospel Singers, accompanied by a discussion between artistes and the public.

The Argelès Gospel Singers work the voice in choral singing, and traditional  gospel, Negro spirituals and modern four-voice songs. They are directed by Alain Martin, singing teacher in various schools and vocal trainer.

Together, they offer to take you on a journey through four centuries of black, white, American and European choral music, punctuated by spirituals and street gospel.

Théâtre de l’Etang
6 Allée des Arts & Lettres
66240 St-Estève
Reservations au 04 68 38 34 95


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