No meerkats but a useful tool nonetheless

A 2019 investigation into bank fees and charges took the French media by storm. Charges such as withdrawing cash from an ATM other than your own bank and account “maintenance” fees were among those under the microscope.

In a bid to help you retake control of your money, the government’s Financial Sector Advisory Committee (CCSF) created a free online comparison tool for most of the major banks.

To compare your bank’s rates with those of another bank in your department, and also to find out how these rates are changing go to

Then simply choose:

  1. The institution you are interested in (banks, payment service providers, branches, online etc)
  2. Your department
  3. The services you want to compare (remote banking, debit card, cash withdrawal fees, SEPA direct debit mandates etc.)

The comparison tool also allows you to visualize the evolution of the fees. Up and down arrows represent the bank’s movement within the results and an equals sign ( = ) indicates no change.

Hover the mouse over the tariff and you will see the quantitative details of the evolution and the date of the latest changes (example: +1 € since 01/07/2018).

Please note:

As with all comparison sites, the fees shown are to be interpreted as guidelines only. Those actually applied may differ according to client profile and current commercial offers.

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