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EDITH, la fille au père Gassion




Written by Helene Darche and Linda Chaib (Hors Commerce edition 2002)
Staging: Christian Hernandez Actors: Anne Patrux, Monique Bellsola Costumes: Eve Meunier Original music and arrangement: Andriy Pustovoy Photo Credit: Laetitia Lazizi

EDITH, la fille au père Gassion  WITH THE THEATRE DU GECKO,  THUIRFifty years, Edith Piaf died. Almost everything that there is to say has already been said about the talent, the power of interpretation, the popularity, charisma and unique voice beyond equal  But less has been said of the young Edith, the street singer, her courage, strength and fight for life. This drama plunges actresses and audience into an intense  image of Edith.

October 28, 1949, New York: Edith Piaf is to sing in an hour. She learned the morning of the death of Marcel Cerdan, the love of his life. Shocked, Edith, accompanied by her dresser, clings to her happy memories: her childhood, her father, Père Gassion, the streets, chansons, men …. How will she overcome her grief? Will her love for her public make her strong enough to get on that stage, move forward?
Duration: 1h

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