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Entente Cordiale festivities

Concert on Saturday 25th April at 3:30 pm at Saint George’s Anglican church


The Prades Concinum group will perform a selection of operatic arias, counterpoint and jazz. They will interpret music by Vivaldi, Handle, Pergolesi, Schubert and Lopez as well as Cantata, Blues and Gospel directed by Hélène RIVRAIN (opera), Chantal JOUBERT (jazz) and Bénédikte VERMEERSCH (piano  accompaniment).

The concert will be free and open to all.

Church_Vernet_les_BainsThe reopening of the historic St George’s Anglican Church in Vernet les Bains is celebrated this summer with a programme of concerts and lectures. 

Ever since the Belle Époque, the English community has been a noticeable presence in the village.

The church was built in 1914 financed by the subscriptions of famous English donors such as Rudyard Kipling. The church has recently been restored with the help of the local council and is now being used for worship and for cultural events.

The summer concert program has been put together by Michel Peus, the retired director of the Perpignan Conservatoire. It will consist of a programme of classical, popular and operatic music and jazz.  It will feature professional and well known performers. There will also be two lectures given on the subjects of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and “Lost in Translation”, an examination of possible cultural and linguistic misunderstandings between French and English speakers.

An outline of the summer program is as follows:

Sunday 24th May   Michel Prezman et Robin Hendrix
Saturday 6th June   Ensemble Sarabande
Tuesday 7th July   Ensemble Mare Nostrum
Thursday 20th August   the group Jazzy Emoceans
Sunday 4th October   Chants de Si de La
Saturday 22nd August   “Charles Rennie Mackintosh –the fallen genius” given by Colin Lomas
Friday 4th September.   “Lost in translation” given by Peter Strutt

Full details will appear shortly.  These events are open to everyone, both French and English speakers. All will be welcome in Vernet les Bains!  Further information is available at the tourist office 04 68 05 55 35


Michael Strutt

04 68 96 78 20
0044 7940 911167

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