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Telephone Cable thieves caught – Residents of Cases-de-Pene can finally rely on their telehone service again as the thieves who had frequently caused service blackouts by stealing cables were caught red-handed.  Four Roumanian gentlemen were found with large quantities of telephone cables in the back of their car, which had been stripped and reconditioned ready for resale.  They are in custody.
Man talked down from rooftop – Police spent several hours reasoning with a man who was threatening to jump from the top of a building in the centre of Perpignan.  The man was an illegal immigrant who had been threatened with deportation.
Grizzly in the Skies – The new Airbus A400M military transport plane (nicknamed ‘the grizzly’) has been seen again in the skies of the region.  It could be seen for much of the day of 24th June circuiting the area.
Short journey for drug traffickers – 2 men planning to transport 35kg of cannabis resin from Barcelona to their home country of Poland had their journey cut short by customs officers who stopped them on the D116.  They were sentenced to 2 years in prison and fined 74,000 euros (being the value of the drugs).
A9 is fully operational – After 3 years of roadworks, the A9 between the two Peages of Perpignan now has 3 lanes in both directions.  The speed limit is restricted to 110kmh for the time being.
Speed Radar is back – Recent works to the A9 meant that the speed camera on the penetrante nord D900 was removed to allow works traffic access.  This Radar is now back in place near Tridome and for the moment is only set to target HGVs but will soon be fully functional.  In the interests of road safety, here is a map of all the fixed radar cameras in the region:
Burglar’s Accomplice was just 13 years old – Police investigating a break-in at a house in Saint Marie managed to track down one of the suspects who was found to be a 13 year old minor.  Further questioning revealed that he was the accomplice of a 22 year old, who was arrested.  The pair admitted that they had already sold most of the stolen goods but the police managed to track everything down and the owner has been reunited with his possessions.
UFOs near the Canigou – Three witnesses have related the same story surrounding events which happened on the night of Saturday 22nd June.  A 38 year old mother with her three daughters in the car, a farmer, and another car driver (none of whom wished to be identified) all confirmed having seen balls of bright orange lights drifting in the skies around the mountain.  The witnesses are all still baffled but the fact that this was the night of the festival of Saint-Jean and dozens of people were on the mountain carrying Le Flamme might explain matters..
And finally ……
Summer Sales – The summer sales start this Wednesday 3rd July.  The shopkeepers have had such a terrible start to the year due to the bad weather keeping shoppers away that they are relying on the sales to boost their business.  Don’t think of it as spending money – it is about helping our community…!


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