The Theatre by the Lake

Have you been to the Théâtre De L’Etang in Saint Estève? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on some great entertainment at prices that make regular theatre-going easy.

Théatre de L'étang

Named after the lake on which it stands, this purpose-built theatre has plenty of parking space, access for the disabled, and offers high quality music, dance, theatre, comedy and culture – from just 5€ per person!

Saturday 31st March, 8.30pm

La Fille de Mme. Angot

Opera Comedy

3 act operatic comedy created in 1872. Clairette, the daughter of Madame Angot, is set to marry Pomponnet, but she actually prefers Ange Pitou, who in turn prefers Mademoiselle Lange. The jealous Clairette creates a whole manner of devious ploys to dispose of the two pesky lovers.

12€ – 38€
Call : 04 68 38 34 95
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Saturday 7th April, 8.30pm

Les Etoiles de Demain


8 soloists from the Opéra Natioanl de Paris perform a varied repertoire of the most beautiful choreography from classical and contemporary ballet: Swan Lake, Don Quixot, Giselle, Bakti…

Call : 04 68 38 34 95
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