The Theatre by the Lake

Have you been to the Théâtre De L’Etang in Saint Estève? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on some great entertainment at prices that make regular theatre-going easy.

Théatre de L'étang

Named after the lake on which it stands, this purpose-built theatre has plenty of parking space, access for the disabled, and offers high quality music, dance, theatre, comedy and culture – from just 5€ per person!

Apéro-Concert: Griots Métis

Saturday 20th October, 7pm

“Griots”, translated as troubadours or minstrels, are craftsmen poets and since time immemorial have been forming a link between man and the forces of nature. Griots Métis also form a link between the West and Africa: an original blend, where rhythm is king!


Opera: Orphée aux Enfers

Saturday 10th November, 8.30pm

Jacques Offenbach’s first great success parodies the old lyrical versions of the myth of Orpheus, making fun of the hypocrisy and hedonism of his time Couples in crisis, Olympus in revolt, orgiastic hell, where everyone thinks only of their own pleasure and dreams only of partying: a spectacle to behold.


Théâtre de l’Étang

6 allée des Arts & Lettres
66240 Saint Estève

04 68 38 34 95

As featured in POL N° 61 (autumn 2018)

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