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Holiday Traffic Delays – the traditional summer traffic delays on the A9 were not helped by a lorry fire yesterday.  Traffic slowed almost to a standstill with a 20 kilometre ‘bouchon’ in the direction of Spain.
Missing woman found – Two months after Sylvie Tripiania left her home in Amelie-les-Bains, having left a note for her husband saying she had gone on a ‘picnic’, she has been found alive and well in Agde.  No reason has yet been given for her flight but her husband has been informed.
Mystery death of man from St. Marie – The police received a panicky phone call from the driver of a car yesterday saying that he had run over something ‘strange’ on the road between St. Marie and Canet and had also found traces of blood on his car.  Sadly the body of a 28 year old man was discovered and the driver and his passengers are being treated for shock.
Injury in Ceret – a young man was injured on Sunday afternoon during the traditional bull-running festival in Ceret.  It appears that one of the young bulls, attempting to escape from the mad crowd chasing it, ran into a waiting lorry and the young man was injured as the back doors were quickly slammed shut.  He later regained consciousness in hospital.
Feria de Ceret – Between 4 & 9pm on Friday the police stopped 1300 vehicles on their way to the festivities.  56 ‘random’ breath tests were carried out by police and an astonishing 22 drivers have had to relinquish their licences.
Tourist dies in Le Racou – A 63 year old woman, enjoying an early morning swim with her family (including grandchildren) died in the water of a suspected heart attack.
Attempted suicide – A desperate 50 year old woman, suffering from health problems, parked her car and then walked up a stone path to the top of the viaduct between Le Perthus and Le Boulou.  After several hours she called for help and was finally led to safety.
Beware of ‘false bargains’ at Le Perthus – Don’t be tempted by the street-hawkers in Le Perthus offering sunglasses, handbags and designer clothes at bargain prices – if you are stopped by one of the regular customs checks and they find such goods in your possession you will be asked to pay the full retail price.
Cigarette smuggling with a difference – Customs are used to finding people smuggling cheap cigarettes from Spain into France but on this occasion a man was found to be taking cartons of polish cigarettes to Spain.  He was sentenced to 8 months in prison and fined 48,000 euros, being the value of the goods.
 And finally ……..
Marine Le Pen back in Le Soler – the president of the National Front is back in the Pyrenees-Orientales to spend the summer in her Maison Secondaire in Le Soler.  Let us hope that somebody has remembered to fill her swimming pool, following her recent accident when she fell into her empty pool a few weeks ago….Rigolant


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