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Scooter accident near Thuir – A young man was spotted by passing motorists in the early hours of Tuesday morning,  lying unconscious at the side of the road, next to his scooter on the D612A between Toulouges and Thuir.  The 18 year old is still in intensive care suffering from a head injury as he was not wearing a helmet.   Investigators could find no trace of brake marks on the road, or signs of impact with another vehicle.

Heron Migration – vast numbers of herons have been spotted in the skies of the Pyrenees-orientales this week as they begin their migration south.  They are very distinctive as they glide rather than fly, stretching out their huge wings to take advantage of the thermal currents.

Four years in prison for Pierre – A young man sitting on a bench with friends in Argeles was approached by another  group of young men who firstly asked for a cigarette, then asked to use his mobile phone . The situation quickly escalated into violence with the young man being punched in the face and robbed of his phone, jewellery and shirt .  The victim was then driven around the streets of Argeles by the police and swiftly spotted his assailant Pierre who had the stolen shirt draped around his shoulders.  He was sentenced to prison and further cautioned for using the name of his brother.

Lady run over at camp site – A lady walking her dog at the entrance to the Cala Gogo campsite at St Cyprien was knocked to theground by a car on Monday evening.  She and her Spaniel were both treated for shock (one at Perpignan hospital and one by the Blue Cross Veterinary clinic) and have both since recovered .  Statutory alcohol and drug tests proved negative and the driver blamed the angle of the sun for the incident.

Double accident between Perpignan and Canet – In the early hours of Sunday morning a Peugeot 206 overturned on the dual carriageway – and the four occupants ran off.  Seconds later a 44 year old scooter driver crashed into the wreckage and died of a heart attack at the scene.  An enquiry is underway.

Attempted armed robbery at La Poste – An employee of La Banque Postale in St.Gauderique was opening the doors for business when he was interrupted by two individuals.  Disguised in Cagoules, and wearing gloves they were armed with what appeared to be Kalachnikov rifles.  The quick thinking employee slammed the doors shut and the men, no doubt realising that the alarm was about to sound, ran off.  Police are studying CCTV footage of the incident.


And finally………

Young bull spectacle cancelled – following much public outcry and demonstrations by FLAC 66 (The federation des luttes pour l’abolition des corridas) the authorities have decided to cancel part of the Taurin Festibanyes at Amelie les Bains.  This is a traditional Catalan tradition which involves attaching balls of fire to the horns of young bulls – which they claim does not burn the young animals as they are protected by iron baskets.  This annual event regularly attracts more than 1500 spectators but the organisers have decided that in view of the fact that due to vast social media coverage many animal rights activists will be in the arenas, it is better to cancel the ‘spectacle’.   Your newscaster is finding it hard not to give an unbiased comment so will sign off for now…..

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