New rules for travel between UK and France

Today, Thursday 16th December, the French government have communicated the following press release to media outlets. More information will follow over the course of today.

The [sqaure brackets] are our notes.

Press release from Matignon

Original available in French here.

In response to the extremely rapid spread of the Omicron variant in the UK, the [French] Government is reinstating compelling reasons for travel to and from the UK, and strengthening the requirement for testing on departure and arrival.

In the UK Government’s own words, the UK is facing a “tidal wave” of the Omicron variant in the coming days. Therefore, from this Saturday morning [18th December] at 00:00, the following rules will apply for travel between the UK and France:

Compelling reasons for travel to and from the UK are required for both unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals.

These reasons are listed [below, translated by us]. They will not allow travel for tourism or business purposes. However, these compelling reasons will not apply to French nationals and their spouses and children who will still be able to travel to France.

Vaccinated persons will be required to present a negative test (PCR or TAG) less than 24 hours old on departure, which is equivalent to an alignment with the rules already in force for non-vaccinated persons.

Obligation for all travellers from the UK to register, prior to their trip, on a digital platform allowing them to enter the address of their stay in France. This platform will make it possible to generate prefectoral decrees requiring all travellers, whether unvaccinated or vaccinated, to be isolated in the place of their choice.

This isolation obligation can be lifted after 48 hours, provided that a negative test (PCR or TAG) can be demonstrated.
Controls will be organised to ensure the proper implementation of these measures.

The Government also calls on travellers who had planned to go to the UK to postpone their trip.

Compelling reasons accepted for travel from UK to France

travel to France


Compelling reasons accepted for travel from France to UK

travel to the uk

Click here to read original French document. You can also read latest updates on the British Government website here.


  1. Hello
    I wonder if anyone can shed light on UK student (Bath) with French Passport returning to the UK early January.
    I am presuming, perhaps foolishly, that that is allowed.

    Many thanks


  2. Does anyone know if any brits with a second home in France will be allowed in. We are booked on a ferry on 28 Dec ,to return on the 9 Feb, we have not been able to get to our house for 18 months and are worried about its security after such a long time absent.
    Any information would be helpful. Thanks

  3. Just a question …do we know when the isolation peripd begins…on arrival in France or on arrival at destination

  4. Yes …There is no compelling reason which is health/caring related…I think

    “british national and family members who are beneficiaries of the withdrawal aggrement”

    relates only to family members under 18 of UK Nationals who hold a CDS

  5. I seems to me that a UK passport holder who lives in UK cannot visit family in France even if the visit includes caring for a family member here…any thoughts please

    1. Hi Nigel

      We’ve just updated the article with a full list of accepted compelling reasons.


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