Photo by Peter Spencer
Photo by Peter Spencer


Changes in driving laws operational from 1st July 2016 include……

☛ the banning of all headphones and earpieces for listening to music (already banned – hands  free devices which might prevent the driver being aware of his surrounding, leaving only the  wireless bluetooth system without headset as an in-car chatting option.)
(135 € / 3 Points)

☛ No smoking in cars with minors present
(68 € fine)

No eating at the steering wheel
(75 € fine)

No rummaging in the glove box while driving (even if you want to put a CD)
(75 € fine)

No listening to music that is loud enough to prevent you from hearing traffic
(75 € fine)

No putting on or touching up make up, even when stationary in traffic
(75 € fine)

☛ Young drivers to  limit their alcohol drinking to 0.2mg/ml, a drop  from 0.5mg/ml and equivalent to one small bottle of beer.

☛ More “double-face” speed cameras. These are the ones that flash you on both sides of the road.

☛ Tinted car windows banned

☛ Increased safety measures at pedestrian crossings

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