Saturday/Sunday March 26th/27th 2023

Clocks go forward one hour (during the night of Saturday/Sunday morning)
Mornings will be darker but it will stay light longer.

Clocks go back last Sunday in October 29th  2023


Do you know why France is an hour ahead of the UK?

Well, you can blame it on history; wars, invasions….and a general apathy!

Big Ben Clock

France actually used GMT from 1911 to 1940 until  the Germans invaded and changed France over to German time. After the war, France was supposed to change back to UTC+0 In 1945, but didn’t get round to it! France has been one hour ahead of Britain ever since.


  1. I would love to know why the French government has completely ignored the fact that we voted several years ago to retain summer time and not revert to winter time each autumn. Initially they ‘postponed’ the change due to lockdown, but have conveniently forgotten to fulfill the wishes of the majority ever since.

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