A British lady was mugged last Wednesday by a team in broad daylight in Lidl car park in Reynes. They were very slick and fast, so she thinks they have probably done it before and therefore are likely to try it again, and warns people to be on their guard.

Things to think about:

  • Try to park nearer to the main entrance of big shops, not in more isolated areas of large car parks , especially if you are on your own, elderly or not so mobile.
  • Watch out for anyone hanging around near your car or lurking in bushes/shrubberies, wearing hoodies and dark clothing.
  • Watch out for transit vans or other vehicles which don’t park but hang around with the engine running;
  • Put handbags in less accessible places in your car, under seats, perhaps, whilst loading shopping.
  • Beware ‘distraction’ tactics – getaway vehicle pulling up right behind your car, people jumping out at you – a couple of seconds is all it takes to grab a bag whilst your attention is momentarily elsewhere.

I am sure this applies to all shops at this time of the year and would also include shopping in Spain.

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