If you have a supermarket loyalty card, don’t forget to cash it in before the end of December (Auchan and maybe others) or end of February (Intermarché) or else you will lose all.

Next time you shop at your local supermarket, check whether there is a deadline for using your points.
Y a-t-il une date limite pour encaisser les points de ma carte de fidélité.

A friendly cashier may remind you that it is time to ‘use it or lose it’ but don’t count on it!

Some branches may ask for identification in order to deduct the amount from your bill, others may require a pin.

Make sure that you inform the cashier at the start of the transaction
J’encaisse mes points de fidelité or you may be told it is too late!

When you shop at your ‘home’ store, where you signed up for your loyalty card, your cash payback can be found on the till receipt.
Some branches will not accept the ‘key ring’ card for this transaction and insist on the full size card and ID!

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