Wednesday 5th August

Whew, what is going on? It is so hot up here. The windows have all been open for the past month and still no let up.
I know I shouldn’t complain as we have had a long winter and no doubt will have another long winter. Climate change is certainly taking its toll. I don’t want admit it but my climate change friend, Lucy, may have a point. I am franticly re-cycling, eating green and vegging out. What more can I do?
Talking about vegging out, my poor veg have dried up and nearly blown away. The potatoes had an attack of beetles, the pumpkins got hit by hailstones a month ago and the cucumbers gave up the ghost.
A friend was saying sometimes growing your own can work out very expensive. He had bought two huge grow bags and some strong stakes, and four tomato plants and paid £50. They were doing great and were left in the care of his neighbour whilst he went on his holidays. When he got back he found that his lovely plants had an attack of white fly and all had to be disposed of. Not one tomato was eaten. Now that is what I call expensive.
About two years ago I bought a kilo bag of wild flower seed at Fnac. Spread them all over the place thinking that like everything else only half would come through. How wrong I was. They grew last year and have taken over the garden, the paths and the car parking areas.Oops won’t do that again.
The village is really busy at the moment, and Lac Matamale is very busy.The restaurant seems to have put its prices up and people are taking picnics or doing BBQ’s. If you haven’t tried the BBQ areas they are great. They have been made safe so they don’t cause forest fires and may not look very pleasing to the eye but do a good job. They can be found in a couple of places down at the Lac or down behind the car park at Lac Balcare. Kids seem much happier eating in the wild than being stuck in a restaurant anyway [don’t forget to take your own grill.]
Mike has spent quite a bit of time over in the mountains and has being doing part of the GR10. The Peric and the Carlit are places I could probably tell you about in great detail but have not been there yet. You know the sort of thing……..I can talk a good walk.
Les Angles is buzzing with fetes, music and circuses. I personally don’t like the circus and feel sorry for animals like the lamas that are tethered on the side of the road scrapping for a blade of grass and looking out to see if they can make a bolt for freedom. Not my idea of entertainment.
Must go and water the lettuce and try and revive the strawberries although I think CPR is the only way out now.

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