Confused about tests, vaccinations, boosters? I know I am!

Well, here’s something that appears (at first sight) quite simple!

If you’re double vaccinated and wondering when you should have your booster, the Assurance Maladie have created a type of online simulator, Mon rappel Vaccin Covid to help you to calculate the date of your booster dose in just a few clicks.


Since November 27, 2021, the vaccine booster has been open to all adults, from 5 months after their last injection. The date of the recall depends on the date of the last injection, the type of vaccine received, any infection prior to Covid-19, etc.

The Mon rappel Vaccin Covid online reminder service is available to anyone over 18 who has completed their primary vaccinations.

It tells you when you should receive your booster and the expiry date of your health pass if you don’t choose the booster.

Accessible from a computer, smartphone or tablet, the teleservice is easy to use, and requires answers to 4 questions.

  • Date of Birth ;
  • Date of any positive PCR or antigen test taken after vaccination (where relevant)
  • Name of the vaccine used during the last injection;
  • Date of last (second) injection of the initial vaccination.

Where to find this information ?

The name of the vaccine and the date of the last injection appear on the health pass, accessible from the TousAntiCovid application or on the vaccination certificate issued during the last injection. This certificate can also be downloaded from this teleservice.


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