He’s mean, he’s smart, he’s fast, he’s agressive – and he’s blue.

Callinectes sapidus (coming from the Greek calli meaning “beautiful“, nectes meaning “swimmer“, and the Latin sapidus meaning “savoury“), or, easier to pronounce, the ‘Blue Crab’, has arrived in the P-O.

You certainly wouldn’t want one nipping your bottom, but apparently they are very tasty when it’s you eating them and not the other way round! A big boy can weigh more than 500 grams so plenty to get your mouth round!

And don’t be fooled by his pretty blue shell. He can apparently shuffle 15 km per day, and his sharp, plier like claws have already cut through many a fisherman’s net in the seas and lagoons of Argeles, Canet and Leucate.

And it’s not just nets that suffer. This crab can lay waste to eco systems through his voracious appetite, chomping his way through mussels, oysters, clams and other shellfish.

Locals chefs are cautiously optimistic about adding another delicacy to their menu – but they’ll have to catch him first!

Callinectes sapidus, the blue crab

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