Brexit doom and gloom has pushed many British residents in France to apply for a carte de séjour but did you know that you must still have a valid passport (or ID card) to travel to any European country other than France?

Here in the P-O, many people head into Spain quite regularly to take advantage of cheaper petrol, alcohol, restaurants etc. Although you do not need a passport to cross the border, a carte de séjour will NOT be accepted as proof of identity if you are stopped or questioned by police. Nor will a driving licence.

If your passport is out of date, lost or stolen, you can apply for an emergency travel document by visiting THIS SITE. This will cost you a non refundable 100 euro which you can pay online as part of your application.

It will normally be ready in 2 working days.

IMPORTANT In the case of a no-deal Brexit, your British passport must be valid for more than six months for you to travel around Europe.

Applying for a carte de sejour

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