Can anyone help Marina with cat litter, food, donations for vet bills?  She has just saved THIRTY cats from “living” in squalor in a tiny apartment and the refuge is desperate for donations,  cat litter, food etc

Extrême urgence !!!🛑
Nous venons de récupéré 30 chats qui vivaient avec leur propriétaire dans une pièce de 9 m2. Parmi ces chats, il y a des femelles gestantes et des bébés. Certains sont pelés, maigres, présentent des symptômes de coryza et un chat a un œil crevé. Nous allons devoir faire face à des frais énormes pour soigner tous ces chats, mais également les stériliser et castrer, les identifier et les vacciner. Nous allons également avoir besoin de nombreux paquets de litière et de nourriture🙏🛑Nous vous rappelons que nous n’avons pas de subvention. Sans aide de votre part, nous ne pourrons pas faire face à cette situation. Nous insistons sur l’urgence de la situation et sur la nécessité de nous aider.
Vous pouvez nous aider en faisant un #don au refuge !

 Par chèque à l’ordre de : Marina Un refuge pour Céret siège social :17 rue de la jouberte 66400 Céret
 Par virement bancaire : FR76 1660 7000 0168 1217 7043 215 // BIC: CCBPFRPPPPG // Marina un refuge pour Céret // Siège social 17 rue de la Jouberte 66400 Céret (vous bénéficierez d’une déduction fiscale)
Merci à tous.


Lynn Hall reports on this newly set-up shelter in Céret

Since June 2018, Céret has a new animal refuge where the lovely Marina Pastou, her husband André and her small team of supporters, take in abandoned and rescued dogs, cats and other animals in need.

They are cared for, and then re-homed whenever possible. The land has been provided by the Céret council, who also installed the outer fencing and secure gates. A number of local companies have helped by donating items.

Many of these animals are available for adoption right now. They have been vaccinated, sterilised and have microchips. As Marina says, to adopt one animal is to save two, by freeing up space in the refuge. All you are asked is to reimburse the veterinary fees.

On my recent visit, I saw not just dogs, cats and kittens, but goats, guinea pigs, rabbits, a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, a horse and a pony! Marina and her small team care for any animal they have space for. They will also investigate cases of mistreatment or cruelty to animals.

The centre is well situated, with enough room to expand as funds permit – and this is where you come in dear reader!

JUST MAYBE….. (you’re gonna be the one who saves me…..)

  • Maybe you are looking for a four-footed friend
  • Maybe you can spare some of your euros to donate* much-needed funds
  • Maybe you can offer practical help with DIY skills or as a volunteer at the refuge

*If you make a donation and are a French taxpayer you can receive a ‘recu fiscal’ (tax relief)

Marina – Un Refuge pour Céret

Chemin de Moulin
66400, Céret

Tel: 06 59 69 00 52

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 2pm – 7pm.



61 route de Montalba-le-Chateau
66130 Ille-sur-Tet

Tel. 04 68 84 18 93

Open every day 8am – 12pm / 2pm – 6pm


Chemin de Saint Bernard
66600 Rivesaltes

Tel. 06 08 51 15 02

Open every day 10am – 12pm / 2pm – 6pm

There are so many beautiful and affectionate animals in shelters around the region just waiting to love you. Do please think hard before you buy from a breeder!

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