Covid 19 Update with CSF Languedoc

To help keep English-speaking residents and visitors to the region informed, CSF Languedoc have been sharing bulletins of extremely useful information.

Taken from verified government sources, this is a fountain of knowledge during these uncertain times – big thank you to CSF Languedoc!

Read their previous bulletin here and our breakdown of Phase 2 rules and information here.

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Map of departments – Covid-19

In order to make informed decisions, please stay up to date with the French Government’s map showing whether departments are rated as green, orange or red in terms of Covid-19 viral circulation, hospital capacity and testing capacity.

Precautions to take for those at risk of severe Covid-19 symptoms

French government advice clearly states that there is a higher statistical risk of severe Covid-19 symptoms for people:

  • Over 65 years of age
  • With reduced immunity – either natural or as a result of treatment
  • Who are obese
  • With underlying cardio-vascular or pulmonary conditions

Anyone in these groups is advised to keep contact with other people to a minimum, and in particular to remain vigilant about protective measures including:

  • Maintaining a distance of at least a metre from others (no hugging, handshaking etc with anyone outside their own household).
  • Washing hands for 20 seconds at a time with soap and water frequently, and whenever changing location.
  • Using hydro-alcoholic gel with at least 60% alcohol when hand washing is not possible.
  • Ensuring others exercise appropriate protective measures towards them (including that coughs and sneezes are caught in a disposable tissue and disposed of straight away, etc).
  • Wearing a mask in company and asking that others do the same – particularly indoors.

How to get a test for Covid-19 if you have symptoms

Symptoms include:

  • cough
  • fever
  • runny nose
  • loss of smell and/or taste

If you experience symptoms, do not wait: contact your GP who will ask questions and prescribe a test if appropriate. If you cannot reach your GP, contact 15. The prescription will be sent to you electronically. This may be done via Doctolib or email as agreed with the prescribing doctor.

  • Tests will be done at hospitals, labs, drive-in centres, or at home by a mobile team.
  • The test will be reimbursed 100% by CPAM.
  • GP will ask you to self-isolate until results are known.
  • If result is positive, the GP will continue care. Call 15 if condition deteriorates.
  • GP will give advice on self-isolation at home if possible.
  • You will be asked about who you have been in contact with.
  • Contacts will be traced and asked questions by CPAM or ARS.

Find a testing centre here.

Government information available here.

Impact on other health support

Many people have had standard screening and treatments postponed over the past weeks and months.

Cancer Support France-Languedoc has picked up several instances where the practices of hospitals, medical centres, GP and dental practices have changed considerably in light of managing the virus. For many, there are restrictions on who can attend consultations, processes for registration on arrival have sometimes been replaced by registration in advance of appointments, etc. This all varies between locations and practices.

For anyone who is a CSF-L client, we would recommend that you contact your Active Listener to talk through any medical appointments in advance, as we are collating information about new practices being put in place and will do our best to support you through them.

Fraudulent Healthcare messages

L’Assurance Maladie is warning people that there is an increase in fraudulent ‘phishing’ activities in its name. To be sure any contact in the name of l’Assurance Maladie is legitimate, it advises:

  • By phone : legitimate phone operatives will be able to give the name of the doctor, or the patient with Covid-19 with whom you have been in contact, at the start of their call
  • By text or email : legitimate operatives will not ask for any personal details, such as your RIB/IBAN or bank card numbers. Legitimate messages will not contain any links to other sites asking you for further identification or personal information. The only connection will be for your Ameli account on or

Breast Cancer Haven short online courses

Breast Cancer Haven, based in the UK, offer a large range of online courses, including:

  • Mindfulness
  • Yoga
  • Qi Gong
  • Group Support
  • Managing anxiety, worry and stress (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Pilates
  • Food for the Mind
  • Working through life changes

For anyone interested, find the full list of available courses here.

Cancer Support France-Languedoc (CSF-L), Covid-19 response

CSF-L continues to support Anglophones touched by cancer in the Hérault and Aveyron, as well as extending support to people touched by Covid-19 during the crisis. In line with guidance, this is done at distance. Our Helpline can be reached on 04 67 44 87 06. (This is a voicemail service and we aim to return calls within 24 hours of a message being left).

For those in the P-O, you can contact the sister association, CSF Sud de la France on 04 68 69 01 37 or by email :

If there is information you would like to share with others, please contact us using our email address:

We hope you stay safe and well.


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