Customs allowances from Spain and Le Perthus

[(The following allowances are PER CAR, not per person.)]

Cigarettes – 5 cartons (1000 cigarettes) or 20 cartons if you declare them at the customs offices (on the motorway border beween France and Spain). They will give you an ‘attestation’ to show to police in France in case you are stopped on the way home.
Rolling tobacco – 1 kilo
Spirits – 10litres
Beer – 110 litres
Fortified wines – 20 litres
Wine – 90 litres
Fizzy wine 60 litres

If you are stopped by the ‘douane’ and found to have more than these amounts you will have the goods confiscated, receive a fine (often on the spot) and possibly be asked to accompany them to the customs offices just outside Le Perthus (if they have nothing better to do that day)

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