Monday 28th December

Well that’s Christmas over for another year and I don’t think they put Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on once, which must go down as a first.

I have had a houseful of family which has been lovely. It was the first Christmas in three years that we managed to get together as for the last two Christmas’s Rebecca, our daughter, has had to work. This time though she was down here a week early intent on being here and not stranded by a Christmas cancellation.

What is it about folks that makes them want to strike and cause misery for the vast unknown who have probably waited all year for the chance to see their family. There are more ‘Bah humbug’ people out there than we think.

But let’s forget them for a while and think how nice it has all been. The weather has been odd to say the least. Not the normal stuff up here at all. Usually we get falls of snow and then brilliant sunny days but now we have grey sky and wind. Still plenty of snow to ski on but it’s crowded out there so be careful readers and wear you crash helmet!!!!

Why you cry?…….well being the stubborn old f..t that I am, I thought that because I ski slowly I didn’t need one……not at all. I had to go to the Dr last week after belting my head on the ice and the first question she asked was….”Were you wearing a crash helmet?” I couldn’t very well use my usual excuse that I look like a chipmunk in one so I had to tell the truth and admit that I had been a fool. I also got read the riot act by our friend Ian who told me in no uncertain terms to get one, so before I hit the slopes again [not with my head] I will buy one. The stupid thing is that I can hire one for 4€ a day from the [Chalet du Ski->].

So we look forward to the New Year. Can it really be ten years since we celebrated the Millennium? I lived in Guernsey back then and they had a “Group” set up for the planning of all the festivities, one of which was a troop of performing artists who were going to do their thing on floating pontoons in the harbour. Something really different for Guernsey and everybody went down to see them. Unfortunately, the group hadn’t checked if the tide would be out and the whole show was done with no lighting and low water.. We could have done with binoculars to see them. Hey, at least they tried.

So people of the Pyrenees Orientales may I wish you all the best for the New Year and may you have Health and Happiness for the future.
Jenny (Mountain Mama)

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