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Navigating the murky waters of digital TV and online streaming can at times make the Bermuda Triangle seem simple! However, Phil Monaghan, from the aptly-named MAYDAY and webTV4me, is going to take us through things, step-by-step, with a series of posts full of information, tips and advice.

Keep checking back for updates and don’t hesitate to comment or contact Phil directly if you have any questions which are not answered within.

Here goes…

Security and safety for us computer and phone users is becoming an increasingly important issue. Viruses and malware, hacking and scams, are all becoming more and more sophisticated in nature. Our digital life is under attack!

But what about our domestic life?

Home security is something that can now be addressed by the homeowner at a reasonably low cost. All that is needed to get started is a smartphone – and most households have at least one of those! With a smartphone and an app (application for iOS or Android), it’s possible to start building a security system for your home.

You may wish to start with a camera that can be located anywhere in the house and which is activated by sound, movement, or you. Once activated it will be possible, via the app, to observe video streamed from the camera and listen in to any sound that is being made within range. Furthermore, this video and sound can be recorded and subsequently played back.

This could help with future investigations should a crime occur, but being able to access a camera remotely could be the answer to keeping an eye on a troublesome pet or even Grandmother! I have friends who run a boarding kennel and find this technology really useful in determining whether “noise” requires their immediate attention.

There are many aspects to home security but technology is certainly empowering the home owner themselves. Orange, for example, have a range of products and systems called “Homelive” that allow access and control in the house from a remote location.

A final point that shows how a simple app can save money: I recently misplaced the remote control for my Samsung TV. After much searching I gave up and discovered that Samsung have an app for remote controls. Result!

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