Espace des Art, Le Boulou.

Opening night – Friday 19th February 2016 from 18h

carton invit DW

Dorothy Wedderburn was born in Northern Nigeria, and grew up surrounded by a rich mixture of space, colours, patterns and textures providing a basic theme which is still reflected in her work today.


The techniques she uses to produce her work were developed by studying and working, first in London and then in such diverse places as Somalia, Indonesia,  Bangladesh and, for the last ten years, in the Netherlands. This has given her a deep and solid understanding of various technical processes used for patterning and decorating cloth, as well as an eclectic background of design influences.

She has a passion for cloth, for layers, for combining the old and the new – and for creating beautiful and usable objects.

About her work she says:

I am interested in absence and presence and the intersection between the two. Somehow I want to capture an elusive sense of depth and movement and to connect the boundaries of what we see with what we don’t see. Shadows and reflections are an important influence on my work as they simplify shapes yet also distort them.

To interpret this experience I play with positive and negative spaces, using simple repeat patterns and ‘weaving’ the shapes together with colour and layers of fabric, some transparent some not.. Often I use a human form as a metaphor to which the onlooker can relate. Ultimately I want to create an atmosphere that elicits emotional responses.

Espaces des Arts
2 Rue des Écoles, Le Boulou
Phone:04 68 83 36 32


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