Filmed between La Jonquera and Le Boulou, Spanish director Pablo Guirado tells the story of truck driver Mario who transports illegal immigrants from southern Spain across the border into France, aboard his refrigerated truck

Prostitutes in La Jonquera

The film deals above all with the human aspect – the distress of both migrants and prostitutes in and around La Jonquera.

Lorry drivers are trapped in the town because of a farmers’ strike blocking the roads. We follow their interaction with each other as well as their relationships with both prostitutes offering sex to the drivers, and the migrants in the truck

Reflecting our modern times, ‘gilets jaunes’, present during the filming, hang around in the background.

Watch this space for more info.


  1. Wow. I am doing an architecture project and my site is exactly at this border between Spain and France. Is the film still in the making process? Do you have any more information about it? I am super interested as this could help my research tremendously! Please let me know when I can watch it. Thank you so much from London!

    1. Havent been able to find out any more info Sabrina, sorry. Just keep Googling the title….and let us know if you hear anything before us please! Bonne chance with your project.

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