April 1st 2019

Brad Pitt remakes ‘A River Runs Through It’ in the Vallespir

27 years after shooting Robert Redford’s film ‘A River Runs Through It’, the shooting of a new version is planned in our very own Tech Valley with Brad Pitt as the main actor.

Film Synopsis (IMDb)

The true story about two boys growing up in rural Montana while rebelling against their stern minister father. Eldest brother Norman eventually leaves home and becomes a disciplined, grounded professor, while younger brother Paul becomes a rebellious journalist and descends into gambling and liquor. Their mornings are spent in school and religious study, while their afternoons are devoted to fly fishing for trout in the Blackfoot River.

Watch the original trailer here

After travelling around the world for a year looking for a place similar to the rivers of Montana, the film crew fell under the spell of the Tech River and the magnificent Vallespir scenery.

Shooting is set to take place just before summer to make the most of the beautiful light and lush vegetation. So if you’re in and around Vallespir be prepared for disruption as Hollywood descends!

If the international release of this new version has the same impact on the local economy and tourism as the original had Montana, the excitement could continue well after Brad Pitt leaves!

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