Si Demain

Fabienne Godet’s latest feature film, Si Demain, can be seen in cinemas around France from Wednesday December 8, 2021

Filmed entirely in Occitanie,  in Toulouse and around Perpignan in 2018, many of the actors and actresses and most of the technicians, and extras were chosen from local people.


“How long are you going to go on like this? You’ve been drunk for days. Get that bloke out of your head!” Says  Lena (Lucie Debay) to her friend Esther (Julie Moulier) who is slowly  destroying herself, either drunk and collapsed  in the gutter or up all night obsessively re-reading the break-up letter.

Then Esther receives an anonymous diary, written 20 years ago by a young girl in hospital. The girl’s story resonates deeply with Esther, who is suffering from her recent break-up. Supported by Elena, Esther turns her obsession towards finding the diary’s mysterious author, to find out what became of this person who has disappeared without a trace and whose state of mind sounds very similar to her own.

Following cryptic clues, Esther sets off for Spain,  crossing paths with handsome hitchhiker (Arnaud Valois) Her investigation soon turns into a journey full of  for potential to heal, and move on with her past.

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