Filmed in the P-O… and maybe YOUR house?!

As part of a feature-length film shoot in the region, Occitanie Films are on the lookout for the perfect location.

The filming will take place over 4-6 weeks in July and August, so read on to find out if your house could get its 15 minutes of fame.


Organisers have outlined the following criteria for their dream location, so if your house meets all, or even most, of these points, why not get in touch?

The location should be…

  • Single-storey
  • Farmhouse type
  • Built in 50s-60s
  • Very little renovation done
  • White exterior, if possible
  • No bay windows/patio doors
  • Small front garden, a larger one behind
  • Approx. 120/150 m² of living space

For more info or to register

Contact Audrey Combes Laget

Tel: 06 89 36 08 70


Who are Occitanie Films?

Occitanie Films aims to promote and foster cinema and audiovisual production in the region and has four complementary missions

  1. To attract and host film shoots in the framework of the film commission
  2. To boost the professional sector
  3. To programme and promote films linked to the region
  4. To set up actions for artistic education in image & sound

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