Free wind power for your house.

We are a small rapidly expanding business based in Céret and we’re looking for a good site to install a 1kW Futurenergy wind turbine. The site will be used to run tests and demonstrate the wind turbine to potential customers. We would also like to use the site to show professionals and individuals how to install, maintain and effectively use power generated by the turbine. We already have a site in Riversaltes where the owner benefits from free electricity but it’s a bit too far away now after we moved our office and warehouse to Céret.
If you have a field/large garden that’s exposed to a constant non turbulent wind and would like free electricity when it’s windy please send an email to or call us on 04 26 46 71 70 (Ceret office)
Before contacting us please have a look at this web page to find out if your location is suitable. Here are some photos of the existing installation in Riversaltes. Contrary to rumours small wind turbines don’t kill birds and make little more noise than the sound of the wind itself.

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