Latest Satellite Update From Skydigi

Over the last seven months there have been many speculations, frustrations and worries over the possible future loss of Freeview TV Channels. This is due the impending launch of a new British satellite. It is believed that this satellite will finally be launched on 15 September 2013 to a temporary location in space. Following the launch there will be final adjustments before it is moved to its new permanent orbital position. This satellite will then replace the current Astra 2B, which transmits the Free to Air Channels.

We still don’t know for sure what the expected footprint/signal strength will be, but we are preparing for the worst. It is rumored that the current Freeview Channels might be as hard to pick up as it is with Channel 5 at the moment.

Using Channel 5 as a bench mark, we have successfully received the Channel 5 signal by installing a bigger dish (1.34m); theoretically this should ensure that when the new satellite is launched the signal should still remain available. However this has only been successful north of Perpignan (up to 30km). Our experience is that most areas south and south west of Perpignan have a much weaker signal and as such may need an even bigger dish. Areas such as Béziers can possibly regain channels with a 1m dish and we are testing a bigger dish in the Prades area in the next week.

The cost for purchasing the next size up dish (a 1.5m dish) is around 470€ (this does not include a strong bracket, cabling, fittings or installation).

Alternative viewing options are available and the team at Skydigi are happy to work with you to find the solution that best suits your situation.

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