Translated from the original by Sophie Amiel Hazell

IRISES : 480 varieties for sale at Saint Michel de Cuxa – Codalet (near Prades)

The iris garden located at Saint Michel de Cuxa’s Abbey has welcomed the spring. The collectable iris young plants are grafted, and de facto unique.

Unlike common violet color irises, that is to say wild irises, the garden offers 480 varieties of irises that bloom at a later date.

Looked after by volunteers, the garden invites one to pause and reflect, like its millennium monastery.

Abbaye saint Michel de Cuxa

Why not take a colourful sanctuary home with you and support the upkeep of this extraordinary garden, iris rhizomes are for sale at the monastery every day,from 2pm until 6pm. Prices vary between 4 and 12 Euros. It’s a great occasion to come to St Michel to re-energize, in a calm atmosphere, to make the most of such exceptional blooming and take a few pictures.

Blossomingfrom the 18thof May

For more information contact Christiane Le Blanc (who speaks English) on06 10 82 81 41


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