Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…..

Summer sees the return of the jellyfish to the Catalan coast…but no more than past years so no need to abandon the seas for the lakes and rivers.

Since the beginning of June, numerous different species of ‘méduses’ have already been observed off the the Cote Vermeille and along the Costa Brava, indicating the likelihood, once again, of a large jellyfish population in our seas this year.

Global warming and the decrease in its natural predator, (swordfish and red tuna….) is creating ideal conditions for ‘méduses’ or jellyfish to breed. Warm weather has heated up the Med, meaning that the jellyfish reproduce and mature more quickly.  Sea currents and strong winds are  responsible for pushing the jellyfish towards the beaches.

If you are stung by a ’méduse’ don’t panic ! The sting of our wibbly, wobbly friends is apparently very painful, but not mortal! Act quickly whilst still in salt water as the sting is felt instantly.

  • Do not scrub or wash with fresh water which will aggravate the stinging cells. Rinse it immediately in (jellyfish free) seawater.
  • Take a hand full of sand and rub the area as quickly as possible to remove any tentacles remaining in your skin.
  • *The pain can be eased by a vinegar rinse or urine (yes, really, peeing on it neutralises the toxins so make sure you take a friend with you to the beach!)
  • After all tentacle sections have gone, pain can be treated with a cold pack and/or a local anaesthetic such as a sunburn lotion or insect bite treatment that lists ’…ocaine’ as an ingredient.
  • If there is continued swelling, or itchiness, apply a light steroid cream e.g. Hydrocortisone eczema cream.
  • Try applying aloe vera to soothe the pain and speed up the healing process. (It is worth taking a jellyfish kit of vinegar and a soothing cream to the beach ‘just in case’
  • If muscle spasms or pain persist, see a doctor.

After this, go and find the jellyfish responsible and make it into soup

*There was a young man from Canet
who when peeing had tendance to spray
He was much in demand
For a walk in the sand
to soothe jelly fish stinging away


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