At long last, the Joncet bypass is open, to be officially inaugurated on June 1st 2018. A dual carriageway between Ille-sur-Tet and Prades, planned to make the Nationale 116 road safer in general, has unfortunately been shelved for now.

The Joncet bypass is expected to speed up traffic between the Roussillon and the Cerdanya and Capcir, and also make the lives of the resident of Joncet much more pleasant, after putting up with the noise and pollution of 5000 vehicles daily for many years.

Heading up to the ski slopes this winter? Spare a thought for the 60 or so ‘joncétois’, residents of Joncet who have watched 5000 vehicles per day, many of them lorries, thunder through the tiny village for many a ski season.

After a long year struggle, Joncet, controversial village on the RN16 main road up to the mountain ski resort was to have its bypass. Accident blackspot and traffic bottleneck up to the ski slopes, the ‘déviation’ was been held up indefinitely by protected species of lizards and butterflies. Yes, really!

At a cost of 20 million euros, with an estimated finish date of 2016, the by pass was finally started, to run parallel to the RN 116 via a 1,5 kilomètre loop.

In 2015, work came to  a halt. No money left. Watch this space.

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