July mumbles in the mountain

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I am soooo excited!

Mike and I have just been watching the Dexto Energy Triathlon ITU World Championships [easy for me to write] and we feel like proud parents as Paula Findlay won. She was staying here for the last three weeks to undertake altitude training. Three members of the Canadian Triathlon Team along with their coaches ,masseuse and Chiropractor have been training like I never thought possible. Their ability to get up every morning before 7am and swim, run, then rest, then cycle and still look as bright as daisies, totally beats me. Their every body function rate was monitored, nobody complained or moaned at the level of expectation by their coach. Not like me who moans if I have to walk round the lake.[ oops, haven’t done that for a while].

Our youngest daughter Becky used to race with her Dad but only on her bike and I remember how hard she worked. It’s never easy to succeed in sport without dedication. Our Grandson Jack is a keen sportsman and has played football nearly since he learnt to walk, and he plays up to five games a week and trains on the days he isn’t playing. Dedication is a rare thing and I raise my hat to all sportsmen.

That over with, I am absolutely exhausted just thinking about it and am pleased it isn’t me.

The tourists are in town and the “walkers” continue to stride round the village in their walking gear even though they haven’t been anywhere. Many years ago my Mother in Law and her sister used to wear their walking gear [boots gaiters, walking poles etc] even when they didn’t go more than a few yards from their motor home. I used to chuckle as I tried to train for some longer distance walking [and failed miserably on some of them]. When I “retired” Mum in Law took over and at the age of approximately 59 she started doing long distance walking, half marathons and marathons. What a woman! She is now 89 years old and regularly walks seven miles with her friend of 92 for pie and peas at the pub on the top of Ilkley Moor. Then, when they have eaten, they walk back. Good grief .

I could discuss the weather like a true English woman but as it has been so vile I won’t bother. Only to mention as a throw away line that we have had some magnificent storms. The lightening has been stunning, illuminating the sky with streaks of silver followed by earth shuddering and bone quivering booms of thunder..

Poor Lil has been a nervous wreck. I was given some Anti-stress oil for Christmas so Lil and I have been sat in a haze of “fug” to calm our nerves whilst Mike has been standing outside watching the storms play out over the mountains. Men do that daftest things.

Is anyone else cheesed off with “ Le Tour “ I’m sure they could shorten it a bit. Why do they have to start in Holland? That isn’t France. I’ve seen it three times and I have to say that standing around for hours, then swoosh and it’s all over is just a bit “off”. Don’t you think? I think the best bit is the carnival that goes through before the actual event. When standing at the road side the actual race is so quick that you don’t necessarily recognise anyone. Some years ago I was a keen fan of Robert Millar mainly because he had a long ponytail and I could pick him out in a bunch. OK he also got the spotty jumper which I have to admit helped considerably.

Well this is a very sporty Mumble, not like me at all. Built for comfort not for speed that’s me, happy to think others are doing my bit of exercise.

So until the next time and all the racing etc is over I will leave you to enjoy whatever is left of the summer. Hmmmm

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