Thursday 9th July

What have we done to deserve this weather? It has done nothing but rain for two weeks up here. The storms have been amazing and now we have fog or low cloud. Everything is waterlogged and the poor holiday makers are struggling to keep their children occupied. Usually there is a load to do but most of the activities are rather more for the fair weather.
At least on the positive side the plants don’t need watering and the wild mushrooms are going mad.
I went down to a friends house this morning and couldn’t make out what their neighbour had done to his car. On closer inspection the car was full of boxes with slices of cepes.He had turned his old Lada into a drying room. There were dozens of them lying down waiting to dry, the time must be right! So wellies on, stick and basket to the ready and off you go. But don’t forget to check with the pharmacist if you are not sure.
I have been watching the Tour de France on the TV and feel I can’t be bothered to go to watch it at the side of the road. I’ve stood for hours in the past to watch it pass and have never managed to recognise anyone. They go so fast that you haven’t time to identify Armstrong or anyone else for that matter. There was a cyclist some years ago called Robert Millar who was a good hill climber and of course they were slightly slower anyway but he also had a long ponytail so was easy to regognize. I became a “Millar” groupie. Unfortunately he has retired now and so have I.
This is a short grumble about the weather really, not much else to talk about when it is pouring down, jobs in the house are getting done now but those are the ones I was saving for October. Never mind it is all supposed to change next week.
Keep your chins above the water

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