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    Would be wonderful to see you and drink your amazing wine……

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    Fabulous wines lovingly tended vineyards by Eva we have been drinking bad and old bad boar for several years and highly recommend these elegant wines

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    Bad Old Boar turns out to be rich & generous with deep woody & liquorice undertones and a smooth finish 🐗

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    I want to write about our experiences with the good wine of MAS SORS in Laroque des Albères:
    Like CAMUS has written in LA PESTE (Black Plaque) in 1947 in Paris about the epidemic, about the quarantine in the port-city Oran in Algeria
    (1940) and the absurdity of the physical and moral destruction of this epidemic through the administrative regulation with lock-down
    CAMUS found for his actor in the book his way out in a little port-bar drinking wine and wrote down this saying:
    Les jus de vigne noble brise la force des microbes – ( a good wine breaks the microbes )
    So, me as a doctor, I emphasise like any other medicine to start with the red wine ( Bad Boar ) and end up with the barrelled ( Old bad Boar )
    And think about “the quantity makes the medicine!“
    And life is too short to drink bad wine – so drink BAD BOAR and OLD BAD BOAR with the wright consciousness, it works like medicine.
    My wife and me we do it with our friends since years.
    It really is a good treat especially in this times.

    Wolfgang and Brigitte

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    2 excellent wines from my brother’s vineyard in the South of France. Quite honestly they taste far better than the price would suggest. Deep and smooth. Get them while you can as there is limited stocks.

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