The arrival of spring is a great motivation to get out the paint brush or saw….and get DIY-ing, but do you know what to ask for when you realise at the last minute that you are missing that ‘absolutely-can’t-finish-the-job-without’ screw, nail or spanner?

The Easter Omelette, or ‘Omelette Pascale’ is more than just a recipe in Catalonia – it’s a whole tradition!
According to legend, Napoleon Bonaparte was travelling across southern France with his army, when he first tasted an omelette prepared for him at an inn near Bessières.

Test Your French with a French Joke. Un canard entre dans une épicerie et demande au patron: “Vous avez de la nourriture pour canards ?” Le patron répond «Nous n’en avons pas. Ici nous vendons de la nourriture pour les gens. »

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