The well marked route to the tower from the village of Tautavel is an A/R of 3 hours, using the same route up and down. This 4 hour, 8 km walk, with approximately 450 metres of ascent offers an alternative for a day when you would like a bit longer walk and have more time.

Millas, on the N116 between Perpignan and Ille sur Tet, has a rather lovely church, full of great Baroque art, plenty of shops and cafés – but today we are heading up to the Col de la Bataille, ancient battle ground and poignant memorial to members of the resistance group Henri Barbusse,

Camp Joffre opened in 1938 and in that first year, changed from housing for the troops to housing for “Undesirables”; refugees from the Spanish Civil War, Jews and Gipsies. So handy for the railway. Destination: Auschwitz, via Drancy.

Where the Pyrenees meet the Mediterranean, its deep harbour bustling with activity, lies the attractive fishing village of Port Vendres.

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