In time honoured French tradition, the firemen and public service providers may soon be knocking at your door to offer you their Christmas calendar. Christmas tipping for the postman, (facteur) rubbish collectors ( éboueurs) and firemen ( sapeurs-pompiers) in exchange for a Christmas calendar, is always advisable to ensure smooth post delivery, rubbish collection or house-fire help.

God’s largest prison: Albi and its “monstrous mountain of brick” From Rivesaltes station to Albi via Toulouse The first leg of the journey was uneventful, apart from the distant view en route of Carcassonne, bastioned…

A marriage performed under French law is recognised in the UK so this gives you the choice of having the whole wedding, both legal ceremony and reception, in France. The civil ceremony is the only legally binding part of a marriage, although many follow it with a religious wedding.

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