I-CAD, the agency in charge of the National Identification File for domestic pets in France, is once again warning about a scam, aimed to defraud pet owners who have lost their pets.


Scammers contact those who have lost a dog or a cat through their ads, posters, announcements, and various social media sites well known for helping to find lost pets. They claim to have found the animal, sometimes providing ‘proof’ by quoting the ID identification number, already posted on the internet or social networks by a desperate owner.


They may tell you that they had to pay vets fees or some kind of expenses in order to rescue the animal and ask you to reimburse up front. Relieved pet owners are not alway thinking straight and will often hand over money without question.

Of course, the scammer doesn’t actually have your pet and has simply repeated all the information that you yourself have provided on line.

Ical has identified  many victims of this scam – and that is those who were reported! They ask you to inform the police if this happens to you, and also to report to them.

The scam is punishable by 5 years in prison and a fine of 375,000 euros.


  1. Yesterday I went to see a friend in my village. As I reached her(short)street I saw a young dog wandering on the pavement. As you know, it was pouring cats and dogs & this Retriever seemed lost, so I had to retrieve it, take it home & phone the Centrale Canine. Impossible to put him (or it) into the car. He was a friendly fellow but refused to clamber into my banger. Pull him, push him, it was in vain. By this time I was drenched and had to give up because he suddenly decided to turn tail, scamper off into a nearby house and lurch through the open front door, giving me a look which said “Egg on your face, mate.”

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