To all skiers

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the bits and bobs that drop out of your pocket when you’re on a chair lift?
How many times have you thought you had  checked the zips on your jacket?
How many packets of tissues have you lost, maybe a glove, your suntan cream or your lip salve.
Down it goes into the snow never to be seen again. Well guys you are wrong. It is seen again and in Les Angles in the summer. In fact, last Tuesday teams of volunteers went out with plastic bin bags and searched the mountain side for rubbish. The village offers a BBQ at the Grill at the top of the mountain at lunchtime and at the end of the day it’s drinks all round for the 50-60 people who have given a day to the village and making the mountain beautiful again.
This last Tuesday pick-up trucks could be seen scuttling around full of plastic bags and other peoples “fall out”
The sad thing is that it is not only accidental dropping, it is things that some people think they can throw off the chair lifts, like beer cans, cigarette packets, half eaten sandwiches, bottles and general rubbish that they can’t be bothered to take to the bin.
What are their homes like?
What would they say if I emptied my rubbish into their gardens. Hmmmm.
Well now you know how we keep our mountain clean and tidy.
Til the next time.

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