Christophe Guinot wins prize for his innovative environmental strategy

Local oyster farmer, Christophe Guignot, has long been a well-known face among the fishing community of the Languedoc coast. Now, however, he is an internationally-recognised defender of biodiversity.

His innovative idea of recycling oyster shells as a nesting habitat for migrating birds has won him the 2017 Prix Pôle-relais lagunes méditerranéennes. As part of the Life+ Envoll project and in collaboration with the Parc naturel régional de la Narbonnaise en Méditerranée, his shells are collected and redistributed to cover three purpose-created islands in the old salt marshes of Sigean.

Today, terns, avocets and other waders flock to the previously-abandoned area to nest and breed. This happy, harmonious relationship between sea, land and air is a beacon of light for sustainable development and a worthy-winner of the 2000€ prize investment.

Why not do your bit and help Christophe in his magnanimous enterprise by emptying some shells?
Tasting sessions take place in the traditional cabins along the banks of the oyster farm.

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