As of April 1, 2017, property sales and rental advertising must better inform potential buyers and tenants according to a new law published in the Journal officiel of January 18, 2017.

This law specifies in particular that:

  • The price range for services must be visible and readable on the agency window, at the entrance, and published on their website;
  • Adverts must indicate the sale price of the property, and who will be responsible for the agency fees,  including all taxes.
  • Adverts for rental property must state an all inclusive monthly rental price, the security deposit required plus agency fees and all detail of other expenses.


Where a property sale is concerned, estate agents can more or less set their own tariffs, payable once the transaction has been completed.

In the case of rental of both furnished or unfurnished accommodation, agency fees should be paid by the owner, not the tenant. However, the tenant may be asked to pay certain admin fees.

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