by Penny O’Kane

For those who love craft beers made with passion and integrity, look no further than Maureillas! Christophe Ledan, who originally comes from Lille but has travelled widely around the world, has set up his ‘brasserie artisanale’ in the village.

Christophe is a true craftsman, oozing enthusiasm and expertise for his chosen profession. He uses traditional brewing methods to create four different beers: three blanche (Kölsch, Wit and Saison) and one ambré (Red Ale). You can visit Christophe’s ‘brasserie’, called Blaoblanc, on Rue del Trouil (just up from the Foyer Municipal), and taste and buy his beers there.

Maureillas Sans Frontières

On a visit organised by Maureillas Sans Frontières, Christophe enthused, educated and inspired us with his demonstration, showing how the hops, different malts, herbs (including coriander and dried orange peel), yeast, temperature, time and lots of chemistry goes into this type of artisanal brewing.

The results are four kinds of beer with very distinctive tastes, subtle, balanced, complex and totally delicious.

Where to buy

Christophe does not sell his beer to the large supermarket chains, but it can be bought at his brewery or at the local Spa in Maureillas, as well as in restaurants who purchase locally and who appreciate a high quality of produce (L’Atelier de Fred in Ceret, 66/Vins in Maureillas, Coté Saison in Laroque des Albères and Le Chaudron in Bages, among others).

Remember my name – Blaoblanc

And how did this young brewer come up with the name, Blaoblanc? The Catalan words for blue and white (‘blau’ and ‘blank’) make up the name, giving a little wink to the PO – the blue of the sea, and the white snow crowning Canigou. A local beer indeed!

Beers can be purchased at the Blaoblank brewery,
11 rue del Trouil, Maureillas.
Open Tuesday and Friday from 3pm to 7.30pm and on Saturdays from 3.30pm to 7pm.
Also available in the Spa at Maureillas and various restaurants in the region.

33cl bottles are 2,50 Euros each
75cl bottles are 5 Euros each
A box of 12 33cl bottles can be bought for 28 Euros.

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